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Work, volunteer, share!

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At our language café you will always find projects that you can contribute to!




  • Language moderator     (Deployment dates of your choice)

  • Support social media     Post dates and news for us on Facebook. Share us in your networks and media

  • Public relations support (as required)
    Possible activities: sponsorship brokerage, regional advertising / donation letters, distributing flyers, others.

  • Event helper (1 -4 x per year)


We are also grateful for the following help:


  • Media sponsorship (newspaper, radio)

  • Event sponsorship (financial sponsors or sponsors in kind at special events



If you would like to donate your time or funds, but still have questions, contact us without obligation!

Thank you very much already today for your generosity!


Your language café team

"Every language is like a light that illuminates the hidden." -- Anonymous

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