Are you looking to brush up, strengthen or expand a foreign language? If so, then you are definitely in the right place at our Sprachencafé, and cordially welcome!


In the lovely atmosphere of the Seecafé in Buchs, we offer you - free of charge - the opportunity to practice your preferred language while at the same time, meet interesting people from other cultures.

Evening Events:


Regular Meet-ups are held every Tuesday evening, from  19.00 h to 20.30 h, except during regional school holidays or vacation, alternating bi-weekly with the following language groups:


Meet up Evening 1:

German, French, Spanish, Russian, Croatian

Meet up Evening 2:

English, Italian, Chinese


Schedule: Please see below (PDF document) or follow us on Facebook!


All levels welcome!

Daytime Events

English "Thementisch für Einsteiger +"

14.00 h - 15.30 h. Ideal for beginners and intermediate levels.


Every other Monday (except during regional school holidays or vacation), we offer an entry-level English language meet-up for persons interested to learn or strengthen their English conversational skills!

Schedule: Please see below or follow us on Facebook!


A group of Hebrew speakers and learners meets up in Buchs once a month. 

Send us an email for more information! 

Additional Events



(in stand-by at the time)


If you'd prefer to practice a language 1:1 with a conversation partner, we'd be glad to assist you in connecting you to the right person. You pick the place and the time according to your schedule.












Please note: We don't provide any language courses! We neither require a proficiency level nor an advanced reservation. You'll enyoy simple conversation with simple, yet professional people.


Each table is moderated by a native language speaker or long time language expert. He/she will lead the conversations by encouraging you to speak and practice your skills.

Besides offering free language meet-ups locally, we also serve various communities and charities around the globe.

​If you feel inclined to join us as a moderator or volunteer for our events, feel free to contact us or click here to see the charities we support.

We look forward to your visit. Stay tuned! Please feel free to sign up for our Newsletter or join and share our Sprachencafé on Facebook!


Your Sprachencafé Team

«It is the lives we encounter that make life worth living.»

-- Guy de Maupassant

Sprachencafé Buchs

Standort der Sprachenabende:

Im Seecafé

St. Gallerstrasse 46

9470 Buchs


Jeden Dienstag von 19.00 h - 20.30 h,

ausser während den Schulferien.

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